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Rotational Motion and Torque
Chapter 7 and 8
- When an object spins it is said to undergo ___________ motion. (motion of a body as it
spins around an ___________ of rotation)
- Rotational motion is described in terms of the ___________ through which a point
around the ___________.
- Angles measured in ___________
 360o = ___________ radians ---------- 1 radian is approximately _______o
- Angular displacement – the angle through which a point, line, or body is rotated in a
specific ___________ and around a specific ___________
- Angular speed – the rate at which a body rotates about an axis (radians per second)
- ___________ – a quantity that measures the ability of a ___________ to rotate an object
around some axis
- ___________ arm – perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation to a line drawn along
the direction of force
Torque = force x lever arm
τ = torque
τ = Fd(sinθ)
F = force,
d = distance from applied force to axis of rotation,
θ = angle of rotation
Example – Trying to open a door by pushing or pulling at the handle vs. trying to open the door by
pushing or pulling beside the hinge. Which is harder?
** More torque is produced with a ___________ lever arm.
** When doing work, you want to ___________ torque by making the lever arm as long as possible,
making the rotation easier. Long wrench vs. short wrench.
- Torque will be ___________ or ___________ based on the direction of rotation