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Spreadsheet Study Guide
Definition: A software program that allows mathematical calculations and that can be
used to present data (information).
Spreadsheet Terms:
1. Columns are vertical and are labeled with letters
2. Rows are horizontal and are label with numbers.
3. Cell the box where a column and a row intersect?
4. Cell address is the name of each (B4, BB125
5. Labels are data entered into cells that will not be used to calculate (Usually words)
6. Values are data entered in a cell that will be used for calculations
7. Range more than one cell is active or highlighted (B2:F5)
8. Formulas tell the spreadsheet to calculate. (=B2*C3)
9. Functions: are preset formulas =Sum(B2:B6)
1. When you first open a spreadsheet, zoom to 75% and read over the labels so you
understand what the spreadsheet is about.
2. Use your arrow keys rather than the mouse to move through the spreadsheet.
3. Remember that some cells are protected. When you see this message, it means you
should not type in that cell.
4. Remember to use Enter or the Arrow keys to allow the spreadsheet to calculate your
5. Always zero out the numbers (change back to 0) before going to the next question.
6. Some questions are “Guess and Check”.
7. To enter a new column of information into a spreadsheet, click on the next column
and type in the information. Be sure to type this perfectly.
8. Creating a Chart:
Always HIGHLIGHT the information (according to the directions) that you want to
display in the chart
Click on the chart Icon or from the Menu Bar, go to Insert and choose Chart.
Choose the most appropriate chart for your data. (bar or column for comparing data,
pie chart for percentages, or line chart for changes over time.)
Click next 2 times.
Type the Title of the Chart. Click Next.
Choose Display “as a new sheet”
Click on Finish. (Only click Finish when next is dim)