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‫آشنايي با انواع نرم افزارها و نحوه نصب آنها‬
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Application Software
for tasks specific to an application, e.g.
word processing, payroll, image processing…
System Software
for general computer system tasks
Programs that support the execution and
development of other programs.
Enables the computer to
• Boot-up when the power is given
• Understand the various commands given by
the user
• Effectively interact with the user to get the
job done
Examples: Operating systems such as Windows
XP, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, UNIX.
 Utility software
fundamental activities not included in the
operating system, e.g. formatting a disk.
 Operating System
coordination of the computer’s activities
The most important system software is the
operating system.
Examples of operating systems:
Windows, DOS, Apple, UNIX
An OS is a computer program that:
Controls the hardware of the computer,
Enables you to communicate with the
Operating system software tells the computer how to
perform the functions of loading, storing and executing an
application and how to transfer data.
Today, many computers use an operating system that has
a graphical user interface (GUI) that provides visual clues
such as icon symbols to help the user. Microsoft Windows
XP or Vista is a widely used graphical operating system.
DOS (Disk Operating System) is an older but still widely
used operating system that is text-based.
Multi User
Single User
Multi Task
Single Task
Application Software consists of programs that tell a
computer how to produce information. Some of the more
commonly used packages are:
Word processing
Electronic spreadsheet
Presentation graphics
Word Processing software is used to create and print
documents. A key advantage of word processing
software is that users easily can make changes in
Electronic spreadsheet software allows the user to
add, subtract, and perform user-defined calculations
on rows and columns of numbers. These numbers
can be changed and the spreadsheet quickly
recalculates the new results.
Allows the user to enter, retrieve, and update data in
an organized and efficient manner, with flexible
inquiry and reporting capabilities.
Presentation graphic software allows the user to
create documents called slides to be used in making
the presentations. Using special projection devices,
the slides display as they appear on the computer
1. Real-Time Applications
2. Commercial Applications
3. Scientific-Engineering Applications
4. Embedded Applications
5. PC Applications
6. Web-based Applications
7. Intelligent Applications
The software of a computer
The operating system
1. Supervisor
2. Language translator
3. Input/Output control system
4. Librarian
The software of a computer
Programming languages
1. Assembler languages
2. Procedural languages
3. Non-procedural languages
4. Artificial intelligence
Utility programs
1. Sort utilities
2. Spooling utilities
3. Text editor
4. Multitasking
The software of a computer
Application systems
Business support processing systems
A. Management information systems
B. Decision support systems
C. Expert systems
D. Executive information systems