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Advanced Marketing Basics Guidebook
Your assignment is to make a marketing basic Power Point for the following terms. For
each term you should have a slide that gives the definition of the term, an example of
how it relates to your chosen business, and a picture that relates to the concept. You will
present some of these topics to the class when completed. You will have 2 ½ days to
work on this project. We will start presenting on Wednesday, 9/12/12. This project will
be worth 100 points so do a good job on it!!!
1. Goods
2. Services
3. marketing
4. exchange
5. distribution
6. financing
7. marketing information management
8. pricing
9. product/service management
10. selling
11. promotion
12. form utility
13. place utility
14. time utility
15. possession utility
16. information utility
17. marketing concept
18. customers
19. consumers
20. market
21. target market
22. customer profile
23. marketing mix
24. market segmentation
25. demographics
26. psychographics
27. geographics
28. product benefits