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UNIT 7: Chapter 15 Air Pollution:
Identify major air pollutants.
Describe photochemical smog’s development and effects on the environment.
Identify and explain good and bad ozone.
Explain the hazards of indoor air pollution.
Read page 409: Cleaning up the Chattanooga
Identify the problem(s) and explain the environmental impact.
How did Chattanooga correct their problem?
Your own notes: pages 410-430
Fill in the attached chart – air pollutants
Draw and label figure 15.7, page 418 AND figure 15.9, page 419
Particulate matter (PM)
Secondary pollutants
Acid deposition
Photochemical oxidants
Baghouse filter
Electrostatic precipitator
Photochemical smog
Brown smog
Gray smog
Volatile organic compounds
Primary pollutants
Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
Multiple Choices page 432-433 #1-18
FRQ (see other side)
Score __________________/75
Free Response Question
In the mid 1970’s, Sherwood Rowland and Mario Molina predicted a thinning of the
stratospheric ozone layer over Antarctica. The thinning was confirmed in the last
twentieth century and has continued into the twenty-first century.
(A) Identify the class of chemical compounds that is primarily responsible for the thinning
of the stratospheric ozone layer and describe TWO major uses for which these chemicals
were manufactured.
(B) Describe how the chemical compounds that you identified in part (A) destroy
stratospheric ozone molecules. You may include chemical equations as part of your
(C) Identify the major environmental consequence of the depletion of stratospheric ozone
and describe TWO effects on ecosystems and/ or human health that can result.
(D) Ozone formed at ground level is a harmful pollutant. Describe TWO effects that
ground-level ozone can have on ecosystems and/ or human health.