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Ch 22 Study Guide
1. What was the United States' main goal in Vietnam?
2. Who was the commander of U.S. troops in Vietnam?
3. In the early years of the war, how could a man of draft age automatically be deferred from the draft?
4. Know the years the following events occurred:
The Tet Offensive
The assassination of Robert Kennedy
The U.S. invasion of Cambodia
The assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.
5. What event set off the first general student strike in U.S. history?
6. After World War II, What country did the United States aid in its efforts to keep control of Vietnam?
7. ___ enabled North Vietnam to send troops and supplies to South Vietnam?
8. The main purpose of the War Powers Act was to ___.
9. ___, founded by Tom Hayden and Al Haber, charged that corporations and large government
institutions had taken over America.
10. ___ was/were most effective in convincing the American public that the war was not winnable.
11. In the 1968 presidential campaign, which candidate (Wallace, McCarthy, Nixon, or Humphrey) would
a dove most likely have favored?
12. What was President Nixon’s plan to bring about "peace with honor" in Vietnam?
13. Which president asked Congress for the Tonkin Gulf Resolution?
14. What was the main purpose of introducing the "body count"?
15. True or False for each statement?
Robert Kennedy was assassinated after narrowly losing the party's nomination.
Eugene McCarthy voluntarily dropped out of the race before the national convention took
Hubert Humphrey was guaranteed the party's nomination before the national convention took
Lyndon Johnson announced at the national convention that he would not seek the party's
16. Which president's efforts to mislead the American people were revealed by the publication of the
Pentagon Papers?
17. Defines the domino theory.
18. Against whom did the ARVN fight?
19. What was the opinion of Martin Luther King, Jr., about African-American troops in the Vietnam War?