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Warm-Up: Vietnam M.C. Review
1. How did the draft affect the war?
a) it made fewer people want to go to college
b) it eventually caused public support for the war to
go down
c) it gave the U.S. the amount of troops that it
needed to win the war
d) all of the above
2. “Doves” were against the Vietnam War and used which of
the following arguments against U.S. involvement?
a) The U.S. was getting involved in a civil war in
which we should not interfere.
b) The U.S. should not be the world’s policeman.
c) The U.S. was morally wrong to interfere in some
other country’s affairs.
d) all of the above
3. The Vietnam War truly ended when …
a) the United States captured North Vietnam’s
capital, Hanoi.
b) the United States defeated North Vietnam.
c) North Vietnam defeated South Vietnam.
d) American troops began withdrawing.