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Peace Corps
A 1954 international conference in which
Vietnam was divided into two nations at the
17th parallel.
Political arm of the Viet Cong.
Viet Cong
Agent Orange
Ho Chi Minh Trail
Geneva Accords
National Liberation
Conscientious Objector
President Nixon’s policy of replacing
American military forces with those of South
Federal program established to send volunteer
to help developing nations.
A supply route used to carry troops and
supplies from North Vietnam to South
An herbicide used as a chemical weapon
during the Vietnam War to kill vegetation a d
expose enemy hiding places.
A person who opposes war on moral or
religious grounds.
Group of young Americans in the 1960s who
rejected conventional customs and
mainstream culture.
Communist guerrillas in South Vietnam.
Highly flammable chemical dropped
from U.S. planes in firebombing attacks
during the Vietnam War
Common name for the League for
Independence of Vietnam.