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Chapter 29 Study Guide
Civil Rights, Vietnam, and the Ordeal of Liberalism
Learning Objectives
Describe the political effects of the assassination of JFK?
Weigh the influence of increasing radicalism on the success of the civil rights movement?
Assess the reasons behind and strength of U.S. military involvement in Vietnam, and
explain the reasons behind the ultimate defeat of the United States there?
Explain the reasons for growing opposition to the Vietnam War?
Assess the importance of the year 1968 in the world, and its effects on U.S. politics?
How were the first three years of Johnson’s presidency legislatively one of the most
productive periods ever?
How did Lyndon Johnson use the legacy of John Kennedy plus his own political skill to
erect his Great Society?
How did the civil rights movement finally generate enough sympathy among whites to
accomplish the legal end of segregation?
How did containment and the U.S. preoccupation with communism lead the nation to use
military force against leftist nationalist movements in Cuba, the Dominican Republic,
and, most disastrously, Vietnam?
How by looking at the Nixon- Kennedy debates does the theme of the 1960s become
. Will history eventually weigh Lyndon Johnson’s successes more heavily than his
Bay of Pigs
Black Power
Community Action Program
Congress of Racial Equality
Cuban missile crisis
Dien Bien Phu
Freedom rides
Freedom summer
George Wallace
Great Society
Gulf of Tonkin resolution
Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh trail
Immigration Act of 1965
Malcolm X
March on Washington
New Frontier
Ngo Dinh Diem
Richard Nixon
Robert F. Kennedy
Student Nonviolent Coordinating
Committee (SNCC)
Tet offensive
Viet Cong