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Name: ________________________________________________ Date: _______________________ Period: _________
President Lincoln’s Plan
 ___________% Plan
Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction (December 8, 1863)
As soon as 10% of a state’s ________________ took a _________________ oath to the Union, the state
could set up a new government.
If the state’s _________________________ abolished slavery and provided _______________________
for African-Americans, the state would regain representation in _____________________.
Members of the _______________________ party ____________________ the plan.
The radical-Republicans in Congress insisted that the Confederates had committed crimes and should be
They advocated full _____________________, including the right to vote and taking former Confederate
land and giving it to freed slaves. (_________________________ idea)
Lincoln’s plan did not go through without support from Congress. ______________________-veto.
_______________-_____________________ Bill (1864)
 Congress rejected Lincoln’s plan believing it was too ____________________.
 This bill required that a _____________________ of a state’s prewar voters swear loyalty to the Union.
 Demanded the guarantee of African-American ____________________.
Freedmen’s Bureau (1865)
 Created a few weeks before Lincoln’s death.
 Goal was to provide ________________, _________________________, ______________________________,
and ___________________________ for both black and white _______________________ in the South.
 It helped ______________________ families and negotiated __________________ labor contracts between former
slaves and white land owners.
President Andrew Johnson
 Was Lincoln’s _______________-President
 He offered _________________________ for Confederates who swore loyalty.
 His deal breaker was that all states coming back into the Union would have to ___________________ the 13th
 Wanted major Confederate ____________________ to write him personally to ________________ for a pardon.
 Anti-aristocrat- resented wealthy plantation owners.
 Did not want African-Americans to be able to vote.
 Wanted ______________________ to determine the freedoms of former slaves.
 By December, 1865, most states had met the requirements of readmission.
Growing Northern Alarm!
 Laws that sought to limit the rights of African Americans and keep them as landless workers.
 The codes required African Americans to work in only a ________________ number of occupations, most often
as servants or farm laborers.
 Some states prohibited them from ____________________ land and some stipulated that any black person who did
not have job could be arrested and sent to work as prison labor.
 A lot of Southerners used __________________ and _________________________ to enforce the ______________
Congress Breaks with the President
 Congress sought to overturn the black codes by passing the __________________ ___________________ Act of
Suspended any _______________ laws that limited African American rights.
Johnson __________________ the law.
 How would anything get better if Johnson did not support Congress?
Reconstruction Guided Notes
PP # 6
Name: ________________________________________________ Date: _______________________ Period: _________
14th Amendment
 _______________ in July, 1868.
 Defined ________________________ and guaranteed equal rights under the law.
Protected freedmen’s rights from presidential vetoes.
Any state that refused to allow black people to vote would risk losing the number of seats in the
__________________ of ______________.
Radical Plan for Readmission
 Civil authorities in the territories were subject to __________________ supervision.
 Required ____________ __________________ constitutions, including black ____________________ and
ratification of the 13th and 14th Amendments.
 In March, 1867, Congress passed an act that authorized the military to enroll eligible black voters and begin the
process of constitution making.
Reconstruction Acts of 1867
 Military Reconstruction Act
Restart Reconstruction in the ________ Southern states that _______________ to ratify the ________ Amendment.
Divide the 10 “unreconstructed states” into ______ military ____________.
Reconstruction Acts of 1867
 Command of the Army Act
The President must issue all Reconstruction orders through the commander of the military.
 ___________________ of ___________________ Act
The President needed __________________ __________________ to remove certain officials from office.
President Johnson’s Impeachment
 Johnson removed Stanton in February, 1868.
 Johnson ________________ generals in the field who were more ___________________ to Radical Reconstruction.
 The ______________ ______________________ him for trying to fire Stanton on February 24 before even drawing
up the charges by a vote of 126 – 47!
1868 Presidential Election- _______________ wins!
15th Amendment
 The right of citizens of the United States to ___________ shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by
any state on account of ____________, _______________, or previous condition of _____________________.
 ___________________ rights groups were furious that they were not granted the vote!
Blacks in Southern Politics
 Core voters were black __________________.
 Blacks were politically unprepared.
 Blacks could register and vote in states since 1867.
Ku Klux Klan
 Formed in ____________________________ in 1866.
 They roamed the countryside, especially at night, burning _______________, ________________, and
___________________, and beating, maiming, or killing African Americans.
Dressed in white robes and hoods, mounted on horses.
Designed to ________________ people away from ____________________.
Was it a _____________________ or a ______________________?
 Grant’s __________________ and administration was unknowingly ____________________.
He gave government jobs to untrustworthy friends who used their positions to make _________________.
_________________ system?
13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments = ____________________ towards ___________________.
Southern ______________________= ____________________
Reconstruction Guided Notes
PP # 6