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World History Chapter 3 Test
Study Guide
Zheng He
Great Britain
Qing Dynasty
Samuel de Champlain
Ming Dynasty
Bartholomew Dias
Vasco de Gamma
Prince Henry
Ferdinand Magellan
Christopher Columbus
John Cabot
-The Line of Demarcation established a boundary between which two regions
-Under Japan’s new system of feudalism, the daimyo were
-Kabuki is a type of
-What European nation profited most from trade with the East in the years directly following the
-Why was the caravel an important development in navigation?
-Korea was a vassal state of which country during the 1700s?
-Where did Columbus first land?
-What term refers to being a map maker?
-Haiku is a type of
-Which nation did Prince Hinry help to take the lead in overseas exploration?
-In the 1400s, what was the most important trade good from the East?
-Bartolomeu Dias captained the first European ship to sail what route?
Short Answer/Listing/Essay
29. What problems did Europeans have to overcome in order to find an all-water
route to Asia?
Think about: ships and sails/ navigational tools/ southern tip of Africa
30. What were some of the things that improved the quality of life in China and Japan
during the 1600s and 1700s?
Think about: quality of leadership/ trade with Europe/ improvements in agriculture
31. Discuss the 2 major mistakes Columbus made while trying to reach the Indies.
32. Discuss the 3 motives for exploration.