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Power Point Quiz 1
1. What is the story of how Rome started?
The Etruscans built temples, shops, roads, they influenced Roman culture. Rome
was founded by Romulus and Remus twin brothers in 753 B.C.E
2. Describe the political social order in early ancient Rome.
Patricians- claimed to be the descendents of the original senators appointed by
the kings. Artistocratic Governing Class and only they could be Consuls, other
Magistrates and Senators.
Plebians- NOT PATRICIAN they are Large land owers and Less wealthy
landowners and artisans, merchants and small farmers.
3. What happened in the Punic Wars?
The Romans sent an army to Sicily, the Carthaginians considered this an
invasion of there territory. Carthage gave up all rights to Sicily due to Roman
dominance in their strength in the water. Hanibal led an army of Carthaginian’s
through the Alps and defeated the Romans. In the end Rome beat out Hannibal
and his men because the Carthaginians couldn’t contain control over the Roman
cities. A peace treaty was signed in 201 B.C.E. Carthage lost Spain. 50 years
later Rome went to war again they destroyed Carthage in 146 B.C.E. and
claimed it as a Roman provine called Africa.
4. Why was Julius Caesar so important?
He gained power in Rome and was given the title Dictator For Life
He gave land to the poor, the pople who helped had was given the status as a
Roman citizen, he did public work projects and military campaigns in the east.
5. Describe Roman Family life?
The father ruled the household, women had some power they ran businesses
and managed estates. Ancestor worship was extremely important to the family.
Power Point Quiz 2
1. What are the dates for the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire?
Roman Republic- 509 B.C.E. – 30 B.C.E.
Roman Empire- 30 B.C.E. – 476 C.E.
2. Explain the meaning of the Latin phrase primus inter pares.
“ First among equals”
3. Describe the accomplishments of Augustus.
Octavian was given the anme Augustus meaning “most high” he had the power
to call the senate’s laws
-established a strong money system, fire, police departments; extended
4. What was the Pax Romana?
Also known as Roman peace; Rome controlled the entire Mediterranean region
The peace lasted nearly 200 years.
5.How do Caligula and Nero represent the problems of hereditary succession?
Caligula had two good years but that was interrupted by severre illness followed
by two years of horrible rules
-exiled, killed some and forced others to commit suicide
Power Point 3
1.Who split the empire into two halves, and why?
Diocletian believed that dividing the empire for administrative purposes would
strengthen the empire.
2.Explain the relationship between Emperor Constantine and Christianity.
Constantine’s mother Helena had converted to Christianity so he converted to it
3.Describe the accomplishments of Emperor Justinian.
-reunited the Eastern and Western empires… but it didn’t last long
- rewrote the Roman Law (Justinian Code)
4.When did the Western (Roman) and Eastern (Byzantine) empires officially end,
and why?
Western Empire ended 476 C.E. the last emperor, Romulus Augustus was
deposed by a barbarian Odoacer
Eastern Empire ended in 1453 the empire was conquered by the Ottoman Turks
5.Explain the economic, military, political, and social reasons for the fall of the
Western Roman Empire.
military- Roman Republic-armies were servents of Rome, Roman Empirearmies made and unmade emperors; Reliance’s on barbarian troops couldn’t
fight their fellow barbarians
economics- big gap between rich and poor; lower class people had no
purchasing power, manufacturing and trades declined.
political- decline in patriotism; citizens lost there voting rights; the two empires
created problems regarding loyalty
social-declines in population, intellectual culture; Religious divisions
6.Name and describe at least three contributions of Roman civilization to world
>Architecture- the importance of building: Aqueducts, bridges, dams, harbors,
roads, Coliseums, halls, offices, theaters, public baths.
>Engineering-basic style was copied from the Greek; Arch copied from the
Etruscans, domes, vault.
>Literature- a copy of Greek style; Play wrights ; Poets