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Windsor Naturopathic Clinic
Ottawa Street Medical Centre
Quarterly Newsletter
Spring 2006 Issue 1
We are proud to present our
first newsletter, just in time
for the spring season. With
the birds chirping, sun
shining, and flowers
blooming, Spring is
definitely a good time to
come alive. And what better
way to start it off than a
therapeutic detox!
Why detox?
Each year 4-5 billion
pounds of chemicals are
released into the ground,
altering the soil and natural
underground water that
supplies us with food and
water. Also, much of the
nutrients in our food have
been removed and replaced
with artificial colors,
preservatives, flavorings,
conditioners, etc. A poor
diet plus the use of
antibiotics in medicine and
agriculture predispose us to
an internal imbalance of
unhealthy versus healthy
bacteria, as well as
decreasing the function of
our organs.
An Ounce of
Prevention is Worth
a Pound of Cure
Lets begin with some
methods of avoiding
- Clear the work place and
home with environmentally
friendly products.
-Consider using an air
purification system,
especially if suffering from
allergies or asthma.
- Wear protective clothing
when working with toxic
- Replace furnace and air
conditioning filters when
- Avoid excess fats, refined
sugar, and foods high in
- Drink 8 cups of purified
water to increase
- Eat adequate servings of
fruits and vegetables
The Liver
As the main organ of
detoxification, the liver
filters and transforms
substances into harmless
particles that can be
excreted into the urine.
Liver support is crucial to
the detox process. Vitamins
A, B6, C & E, the amino acid
L-glutamine, along with
herbal support will optimize
liver function. A
naturopathic doctor can find
the right formula for you.
Lymph Drainage
How to Cleanse
Diet is the key aspect to a
cleanse. These foods should
be easy to digest,
hypoallergenic, and organic
such as brown rice, steamed
vegetables, and organic
poultry. Be creative; try to
prepare different
combinations of food and
plan ahead by making big
meals and freezing portions.
Also important is an
exercise program suited to
your lifestyle, so you can
tonify the body organs and
systems while providing it
with optimal nutrients.
To enhance a cleansing
protocol, dry skin brushing
will provide lymph
drainage. The lymphatic
system is composed of tiny,
fragile blood vessels and
lymph nodes that make a
chain-like structure through
the body. The system clears
fats, cell debris, foreign
bodies, hormones,
bacteria/viruses, and
environmental pollutants
away from body cells. The
immune cells then work to
destroy them and deposit
them in the blood stream,
then transport them to
organs of detoxification
such as the liver and
kidneys. The lymphatic
system can be supported by
massage therapy
treatments, homeopathic
complexes, dry skin
brushing and hydrotherapy.
The Bowels
Patients are always
surprised at how many
questions us Naturopaths
ask about their bowels.
Intestinal health is essential
for overall proper body
functioning. Changes in
bowel function or problems
with digestion, absorption,
or elimination are clues to
pathology, and may be
eliminated with a proper
cleanse. Symptoms such as
bloating, flatulence,
constipation, diarrhea and
cramping are a good reason
to consult with your
naturopathic doctor. Since
the bowels are a major form
of elimination, it is
important to keep their
function optimal. A diet rich
in fibre, an intake of 8 cups
of water per day, and
maintaining a low stress
lifestyle are examples of
how to care for your bowels.
A Final Note
A healthy spring cleaning is
beneficial to your body, to
prepare you for the new
season. It is also beneficial
for the mind, as it requires
determination and will
power to successfully
complete your detox. Treat
yourself; your body will
thank you.
Jennifer Strong, BSc, CD (c), ND
Ottawa Street Medical Centre
P: 258-4000 F: 258-2396
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