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Ch. 3.1 Guided Reading
Name: ________________________ Hr: _____
The Geosphere P.59
→ You will lose points if you do not write in complete sentences!
1. What are the four components of the Earth system?
2. What makes up the geosphere?
3. What makes up the hydrosphere?
4. What makes up the atmosphere?
5. What makes up the biosphere?
6. What is a seismologist?
7. Describe the contents of the crust.
8. Describe the contents of the mantle.
9. Describe the contents of the core.
10. When did the supercontinent, Pangaea, exist?
11. How are the Earth’s layers divided?
12. What is the lithosphere?
13. What is the asthenosphere?
14. What is the inner core made of?
15. Why is the inner core solid?
16. What are tectonic plates?
17. What Earth activities usually occur at plate boundaries?
18. What two plates collided to form the Himalaya Mountains?
19. What is a fault?
20. How often are earthquakes occurring?
21. What is the Richter scale?
22. The release of energy by an earthquake is referred to as ___________________.
23. At what point on the Richter scale do earthquakes cause damage?
24. Where is most activity of earthquakes located?
25. What problem is associated with the San Andreas Fault?
26. Can animals predict earthquakes? Explain.
27. Why is a sandy base undesirable during an earthquake?
28. What is a volcano?
29. What are the global effects of volcanic eruptions?
30. Describe how wind and water alter the Earth’s surface.