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The Incredible Cell Project
You will be required to construct a model of a plant OR animal cell. Your project must be labeled. You may
label each organelle or create a key for the organelles. Use the questions in the “grading” section to help you
develop a successful project.
Each model must contain the following organelles:
Cell wall (if plant)
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Lysosomes (if animal)
Cell Membrane
Nucleus (w/ nucleolus and chromosomes)
Golgi Complex
Chloroplasts (if plant)
Grading – Grades will be based on the following questions:
Is your name on the front of your project?
Is the cell type (plant or animal) identified?
Is the model a 3-D representation of the cell (no flat posters)?
Are all of the organelles from the list included? (9 for animal cells, 10 for plant cells)
Are the organelles correctly labeled? Label must include the name and its fuction
Are the relationship between the parts (if any) shown correctly? For ex: Are the ribosomes located on
the endoplasmic reticulum? Is the endoplasmic reticulum near the nucleus? Are the chloroplasts
around the vacuole in the plant cell?
Are the materials acceptable?
Is the model 30 cm or less on any side?
You may choose to either do the “Incredible Cell Project” or the “Incredible Edible Cell
Incredible Cell Project:
Incredible Edible Cell Project:
Follow above guidelines
Follow above guidelines
Materials may NOT be made out of edible
Materials must be made out of edible items
that will remain fresh without refrigeration
(nothing that will spoil)
Non-edible materials (such as a container,
toothpicks, plastic wrap) can be used to
construct the model but CANNOT be an
actual part of the cell model
BONUS: You could be awarded 5 bonus points if your project is selected as the
“Most Scientific,” “Most Attractive” or “Most Disgusting”
Example of a label:
Due Date: __________________
Powerhouse of the cell