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Sub-Unit: Medieval Europe
Students will understand:
• The structure and effect of the feudal system on Europe.
• The causes and long term effects of the Crusades. (last unit; re-teach as needed)
• The social, political and cultural impact of the Roman Catholic Church.
• The social, political and economic causes of the fall of feudalism.
New York State Social Studies Standards:
Standard 2, World History Standard 3, Geography
Performance Indicators
Students will know and be able to: 2.1 - define culture and civilization, explaining how they
developed and changed over time
2.3 - analyze historic events from around the world by examining accounts written from different
perspectives 2.4 - understand the broad patterns, relationships, and interactions of cultures and
civilizations during particular eras and across eras 2.5 - analyze changing and competing
interpretations of issues, events, and developments throughout world history 2.9 - explain the
importance of analyzing narratives drawn from different times and places to understand
historical events 2.10 - investigate key events and developments and major turning points in
world history to identify the factors that brought about change and long term effects of these
changes 2.11 - analyze the roles and contributions of individuals and groups to social, political,
economic, cultural, and religious practices and activities. 2.12 - explain the dynamics of cultural
change and how interactions between and among cultures has affected various cultural groups
throughout the world 2.15 - interpret and analyze documents and artifacts related to significant
developments and events in world history. 3.1 - understand how to develop and use maps and
other geographic representations to display geographic issues, problems, and questions 3.4 understand the development and interactions of social, cultural, political, economic, and religious
systems in different regions of the world 3.6 - explain how technological change affects people,
places, and regions 3.8 - locate and gather geographic information from a variety of primary and
secondary sources
Map Reading/Interpretation Chart Reading Vocabulary Development Essay Writing,
DBQ writing: (see manoralism)
o Charlemagne o Urban II o Joan of Arc
Vocab: Self-sufficiency, manor/manorism, medieval,
Manorism, Effects of Crusades, growth of cities:
Medieval Europe (500-1400)
Human and physical geography
Frankish Empire (Charlemagne)
Feudalism (social hierarchy and stratification and the role of men & women)
Spiritual and secular role of the Church
Monastic centers of learning
Art and architecture
Bubonic Plague
Joan of Arc and the 100 Year’s War
Resurgence of Europe (Hanseatic League & Italian city-states; trade fairs & towns;
Medieval guilds; commercial revolution)
Why is Medieval Europe sometimes referred to as “The Dark Ages” or “The Middle Ages”?
Why did so many new languages crop up during this time period?
How did the art and architecture of this time period reflect cultural values?
What type of corruption existed during the Middle Ages and how was it combated?
What circumstances brought Europe back “into the light”?
Geography: Mapping Lab
Holy Roman Empire:
Feudalism: M&M Games and Jigsaws - POV of different people under feudalism
The Church: Monasteries, Christian Art, AntiSemitism
?: The Plague
Stations: Coming into the Light, or What Caused Feudalism to Fall? (Hanseatic League, Italian
city-states, trade fairs/towns, guilds, commercial revolution.
DBQ: Describe the economic system of Manorialism (see DBQs above)
Stations writing: How did Europe come “into the light?” or “What moved Europe out of the Dark
Ages? or Caused Feudalism to Fall?