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Due Date: __________________
Name: ____________________ Period: ___________
American Revolution: Early War (Ch. 7 Sections 1 & 2) Page 194
In the graphic below, fill in the boxes to describe the British and American fighting forces.
2 points per box
British Advantages
Patriot Disadvantages
Armies Face
3. Were all Americans in favor of independence? 3 points
4. Who did the British actively seek the support of in America?
In the graphic below, list and explain the three advantages Patriots had in the war.
2 points each box
Patriot Advantages
8. What power did the Continental Congress lack? 3 points
9. How did Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley help in the war effort?
In the table below, list three reasons why African Americans joined the Continental Army.
What three reasons did African Americans have to fight? 1 each
In the table below, outline the information about the Battle of Saratoga and its effects.
Battle of Saratoga: Turning Point of the Revolution 1 point
What happened on
Oct 17, 1777?
Which country formed an alliance with America? 2 points
Section 2
Which country helped America and declared war on Britain? 2 points
16. What were some of the hardships experienced at Valley Forge? 3 points
17. What was Washington’s greatest challenge at Valley Forge?
18. Which French man became a trusted aide to Washington?
19. Even with foreign help, what huge challenge did the Continental Army face?
20. What did the revolutionary quest for freedom and liberty lead some white Americans to