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Wanted to seize control of the Hudson River
This would cut off New England from the
other states
British could not occupy the entire colonies
against their will.
American Patriots would regain control of any
town as soon as the occupying British army
marched away.
Washington’s strategy became one of
persistence: keep the army alive
Commander of all British forces during the
Revolutionary War
• By the end of 1776, the
Continental Army was on
the brink of disaster
were badly outnumbered,
• ill-fed
• poorly clothed
• year-long enlistments ended
about to end
Washington needed a victory.
Happened on December 25, 1776 in New Jersey
Americans won an important battle that
convinced many Americans to join the
Continental Army
In the winter of 1777-1778 Washington and his
troops had retreated to Valley Forge,
During this painful time, many soldiers were
lost, either to desertion, starvation or disease.
Written by Thomas Paine
Urged the troops to keep
Was a German officer in Continental Army
Trained the soldiers to fight in formation and
with bayonets.
Happened on October 7, 1777 in New York
After an American victory, the other European
nations, namely France, decided to start
helping the colonists.
Was a French officer that fought in
Washington’s Army.
Very trusted advisor to Washington and
responsible for convincing the King of France
to send 6,000 much needed troops to America
Arnold was a commander in the Continental
After marrying a Loyalist and not getting the
recognition he thought he deserved, he tried to
betray the colonies by giving up an American
fort to British troops. He was stopped before
he could accomplish this.
Jones was a Captain in the Continental Navy
Was able to defeat the British in a Naval battle
for the first time
When asked to surrender by the English
captain Jones bravely retorted, “I have not yet
begun to fight!”
In October of 1781 in Yorktown, Virginia the
Americans beat General Cornwallis and his
British army
The conflict would be the last major battle of
the American Revolution
Ended the Revolutionary War
It had six major principles
The United States was independent
 Boundaries were the Mississippi River in the West,
Canada on the North and Spanish Florida to the
 The United States would get certain fishing rights off
the Atlantic
 England would return any enslaved persons they
 Congress would return any property to Loyalists
Molly Pitcher brought water to soldiers on the
Deborah Sampson disguised herself as a man
and fought in numerous engagements