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Part I Quiz
#1 All of these are advantages the British had over the
Americans at the start of the war EXCEPT:
a) Military experience
b) Leadership
c) A bigger population
d) More money
#2 Hired soldiers by the British to help fight against
the Americans were called___________?
a) Patriots
b) Loyalists
c) Broncos
d) Hessians
#3 One of the BIGGEST PROBLEMS the Americans
faced at the beginning of the war was….?
a) Support from the colonists to declare
b) Enlisting soldiers to fight the British
c) Knowledge of the land
d) Strong will to win the war
#4 George Washington surprised the British on
Christmas morning 1776 at Trenton after crossing
the _________ River after midnight.
a) Delaware River
b) Mississippi River
c) Ohio River
d) Hudson River
#5 The turning point victory for the Americans when
they stopped the British at _________?
a) Long Island
b) Philadelphia
c) Ft. Ticonderoga
d) Saratoga
#6 With the American victory at (#5) what European
country decided to become our #1 ally?
a) Prussia
b) France
c) Mexico
d) Spain
#7 After the fall of Philadelphia, the Continental Army
was forced to camp at ____________ under horrible
living conditions.
a) Ft. Stanwix
b) Princeton
c) Valley Forge
d) New York
#8 One of George Washington’s most important aides
to camp was _____________ who came to America
from France to help fight the British.
a) Friedrich von Steuben
b) Bernardo de Galvez
c) Marquis de Lafayette
d) Molly Pitcher
#9 Since raising money was difficult for the Americans
they printed too much paper money which caused
a) Outrage in the colonies
b) Inflation
c) Recession
d) Long lines at the ATM
#10 Part of the British strategy to win the war was to
control what river….?
a) Hudson River
b) St. Lawrence River
c) Rio Grande River
d) Cuyahoga River
Place the following places on the map provided on
the back side of your answer sheet.
1.New York City
4. Hudson River
5. Delaware River
6. Lake Champlain
7. Battle of Trenton
8. Battle of Saratoga
What were the living conditions like for the Continental
Army while they stayed at Valley Forge during the winter
of 1777-1778?
*Answer should be 1-2 complete sentences
#1 B. Leadership….of George Washington
#2 D. Hessians…were paid to fight and came from
#3 B. Enlisting soldiers in the army
#4 A. Delaware River
#5 D. Saratoga
#6 B. France
#7 C. Valley Forge
#8 C. Marquis de Lafayette
#9 B. Inflation
#10 A. Hudson River
What were the living conditions like for the Continental
Army while they stayed at Valley Forge during the winter
of 1777-1778?
*Lack of decent food & supplies
*Extreme weather conditions (snow/wind/cold temp)
*Disease was spread easily throughout camp