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Battle of Saratoga
Battle of Yorktown
The Treaty of Paris
Fall 1777
October 19, 1781
The colonists were struggling against the
British to this point.
The __________, led by General
Burgoyne, were trying to come south from
Canada to ________ the Colonial Army.
They were aided by Native American
The Colonial Army defeated the British at
Saratoga using ____________ war tactics.
They began to shoot the Native American
scouts first, and then the British
The Colonists victory at Saratoga was the
___________ ___________ in the war.
At Yorktown ___________, the British Army
under Lord ____________, found themselves
trapped by George Washington’s Continental
Army from the north, and more __________
support arriving by sea.
It was here the Cornwallis surrendered to
Washington, ___________the fighting in the
Revolutionary War.
_____________ _____________ and other
diplomats went to Paris to work out the official
peace agreement between Great Britain and the
United States of America.
This official agreement was the Treaty of Paris.
It did 2 major things.
1. Britain officially ______________
______________ __________________.
2. Gave the United States the land between
the ______________ and the
__________________ ____________.