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Due: Monday, November 14
The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe
pp 251-260
Hint: Remember to use the “Literary Terms Handbook” in the back of your text as a reference.
Suspense is a feeling of curiosity, uncertainty, or dread about what is going to happen next.
Suspense can be created by 1. having a character face a major threat 2. describing events that
bring the character close to a major threat of which he or she is unaware and 3. including details
that build the reader’s empathy, or concern for the character.
With this information in mind, complete the chart:
1. Main Threat:
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2. Events that bring threat closer
a. sees faces of black-robed judges; is carried
3. Details that build empathy
a. trapped in a chamber of suffocating
down, down, down into a dungeon
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. Moment of greatest suspense:
5. Literary Elements: Poe is masterful with language and phrasing. Locate two examples of
alliteration and two examples of parallelism and/or repetition—record and be sure to include the
page number.
Alliteration 1:
Alliteration 2:
Parallelism/Repetition 1:
Parallelism/Repetition 2:
6. This story is told in the first person point of view. Explain why this is or is not an
effective choice of narration for this short story.
7. Gothic literature was written during the Romanticism time period. This style portrays
fantastic tales dealing with horror, despair, and dark subjects such as murder and/or
revenge. The setting is dark, and in remote castles, homes, and/or countries. There is a
foreboding and sinister feel to Gothic Literature; furthermore, imagination takes the front
stage and logic is in the background. Identify three gothic elements from this short
story—and for each element provide support from the test. Be sure to include page
Gothic Element
Textual Support with cite e.g. (Poe 331)
8. Identify and discuss one theme in this story.