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A. Underline the parts of the sentence that should have parallelism, then rewrite each one with the correct
1. The activities she liked best as a child were eating ice cream, collecting marbles, and to play her radio very
2. In his later years, the retired mailman continued to garden, to bake cookies, and watch professional wrestling
on television.
3. The toddlers were lively, mischievous, and made noise.
4. This report examines how CO2 accumulates in the earth's atmosphere, how excessive CO2 concentrations in
the atmosphere cause climatic changes, and what are the implications of these changes.
5. How local weather patterns tend to shift, the mechanisms of the greenhouse effect, and the sources and sinks
of CO2 are also discussed.
6. The United States, as the world's leading consumer of energy, could influence world opinion to curtail fossilfuel consumption and stimulating action by taking its own decisive measures.
7. The results of the greenhouse effect for the United States could be intensive drought, facing increased tropical
storm activity, and rising sea levels caused by melting of the polar ice caps.
8. Raccoons like to forage for garbage at night, play on city streets at dusk, and during the day they sleep.
9. A raccoon can be recognized by its black facial mask, ringed tail, and its thick black coat.
10. The committee members were enthusiastic, energetic, and of great diplomacy.