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Psychology Unit 2: Childhood and Adolescence Study Guide
50 multiple choice and 10 matching (2 points each, total 120 points)
Chapter 3, Section 1: Physical, Perceptual, and Language Development
1. Know maturation
2. Know reflexes
3. Know rooting reflex
4. Know grasping reflex
5. Know developmental psychology and three things they study
6. Know telegraphic speech
7. Know the average length of a newborn baby
8. Know grammar
9. Know how psychologists perceive infants view of the world
10. Know what two abilities involve using symbols
11. Know how many words an infant will know by age 2
Chapter 3, Section 2: Cognitive and Emotional Development
1. Know object permanence
2. Know egocentric
3. Know assimilation
4. Know accommodation
5. Know Mary Ainsworth and her patterns of attachment
6. Know representational thought
7. Know Piaget stages of cognitive development (concrete operations)
8. Know Piaget stages of cognitive development (formal operations)
9. Know Harry Harlow and why monkey’s went with cloth mom
Chapter 3, Section 3: Parenting Styles and Social Development
1. Know stage 1 of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development
2. Know stage 6 of Kohlberg’s stages of moral development
3. Know role taking
4. Know democratic/authoritative parenting style
5. Know latency stage of Freud’s Psychosexual development
Chapter 4, Section 1: Physical Development
1. Know Margaret Mead and what storm and stress was byproduct of
2. Know G. Stanley Hall take on adolescents
3. Know definition of adolescence
Chapter 4, Section 2: Personal Development
1. Know 6 stages presented by David Elkind
2. Know role parents play in teen’s moral development
3. Know role peers play in teen’s moral development
4. Know James Marcia
5. According to Erikson, what is most important questions adolescent must answer
6. Know where a teen’s behavior usually comes from
7. Know what is important and unique to teens according to Erikson
8. Know messiah complex
9. Know Identity achievement adolescents (Marcia)
10. Know two researchers that believed crisis was apart of adolescents
Chapter 4, Section 3: Social Development
1. Know signs of depression within teenagers
2. Know conformity in groups
3. Know one of the main developmental tasks of adolescents
4. Know anorexia
5. Know cliques
Chapter 4, Section 4: Gender Roles and Differences
1. Know what defines and definition of gender role
2. Know androgynous
3. Know cognitive-developmental theory of gender differences
4. Know gender identity
5. Know gender schema
6. Know gender stereotype