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Modern World History: World War I, Chapter 29
Focus Questions:
1) What were the causes of World War I?
2) How did the Industrial Revolution change warfare forever?
3) Who were the winners of the war? How did they do this?
4) What was decided at the Treaty of Versailles and how did it set the stage for
World War II?
Directions: Please complete the assigned tasks below as we work through this current
unit. When you are finished with a task check it off in the last box and place it in your
1) Complete Research Questions
2) Participate in MAIN Activity
3) Complete “All Quiet…” Movie Questions
4) Complete Treaty of Versailles Guided Notes
5) Participate in Treaty of Versailles Activity
Quiz (30%)
1) Letter From The Trenches Quiz
Test (40%)
1) Causes of World War I Test/Anchor Assignment
1) Professional behavior is maintained throughout the
Modern World History: World War I Research Questions—Chapter 29
Directions: Please answer the following questions in complete sentences when appropriate.
Section One:
1) Who were the members of the Triple Entente? Who were the members of the Triple
How did the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand trigger World War I?
Section Two:
3) What was the Schlieffen Plan? How did it bring Great Britain into the war?
4) Who comprised the Central Powers? Who comprised the Allies?
5) What was trench warfare? What types of tools/weaponry were being used in the
Section Three:
6) How did the sinking of the Luistania, the Zimmerman telegraph, and unrestricted
submarine warfare bring the United States into the war?
7) How did the allies win the war?
Section Four:
8) Who were the Big Four?
9) What were the main ideas of the Fourteen Points?
10) What was the Treaty of Versailles and its main provisions?
11) What was the League of Nations and what was its main goal?
12) What was wrong with the Treaty of Versailles? Why did the United States reject it?
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Modern World History: World War I Chapter 29 -MAIN Causes of World War I
Directions: Please fill in the following chart.
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Modern World History: World War I- All Quiet on the Western Front
Please answer the following questions as you watch the movie All Quiet on the Western
1. Why did the students join the Army?
2. What role did the mailman (Himmelstoess) have? Was he particularly mean
to these recruits?
3. How were conditions at the Western Front different from their expectations in
training camp?
4. In the attack, what did the machine gun do to the glory of war and individual
5. Who did they blame for this war? Who did they leave out in their list of
potential villains?
6. What happened to Kemmerich's boots? How did the doctors react to
Kemmerich's plight?
7. What happened to Paul Baumer when he found himself in a shell hole in No
Man's Land with the French soldier?
8. After four years of war, how has the German home front been affected? Were
there still the parades, crowded streets, and joyous sounds of going off to war?
9. How has the company changed during Paul's absence?
10. What is ironic about Kat's and Paul's deaths? [Note: The war ended on
November 11, 1918.]
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Modern World History: World War I, Letter From the Trenches Quiz--Chapter 29
Directions: After discussing trench warfare in class and watching All Quiet on the
Western Front you now know a great deal about what life was like for a World War I
soldier. Now, imagine you are a German soldier fighting in World War I. You have
been in battle for several months trying to protect and defend your country. Today you
are given the opportunity to write a letter home describing your experience at war.
Please be sure to include: a) was it the experience you were expecting? Why or why
not? b) what life is really like in the trenches c) the weapons you have been using
and which is your favorite and d) any fears you may have/how dangerous it is. Your
grade will be calculated as follows: 40 points: Answering all of the assigned questions (a,
b, c, and d) 25 points: Detail 25 points: Accuracy 10 points: Creativity
Try to include as many of the following words as possible:
No Man’s Land
Gas mask
Barbed wire
Mustard gas
Trench foot
Rifle Soldier
Machine gun
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World History: World War I- The Treaty of Versailles- Chapter 29
Directions: Fill in the blank as you follow along with the PowerPoint.
I. Who were the players?- The Big Four
A. Woodrow Wilson (United States)
B. Georges _______________ (France)
C. David Lloyd George (__________________)
D. Vittorio Orlando (___________)
II. The ___________________ Points
A. First five points- end to secret ________________, freedom of the seas, free
trade, reduced _________________/________________
B. Six through thirteen- suggestions to change borders, creation of new
C. __________________- proposal of “general association of nations”
III. Concerns with ________________________’s Plan
A. Great Britain & France want national security
B. France wanted to punish ________________, strip it of war-making power
C. Treaty of Versailles signed June 28, 1919
IV. The League of Nations
A. Fourteenth Point
B. International association whose goal was to keep peace among nations
C. ______________________ United States, Great Britain, France, Italy and
D. General Assembly 32 representatives of Allied and neutral nations
E. No Germany or __________________
V. Punishing Germany
A. Article 231- “_______________________________”
B. Had to pay reparations to the ________________
C. Territories in Pacific and Africa were administered by the League of Nations
VI. Creation of New Nations
A. Several treaties led to land losses for the ____________________________
B. New countries included: Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia
C. Ottoman Empire only kept the territory that is now ________________
D. Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and _______________ became independent nations
from Russia
Short Comings of the Treaty
A. ____________________________ rejected the Treaty
B. Germans felt bitter (ex. war guilt clause)
C. Japan and ______________ gained less territory than they wanted
D. Mandated territories in Africa and Asia left upset over lack of
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Modern World History: Treaty of Versailles—Chapter 29
What was each country’s position on the Treaty of Versailles?
United States:
Great Britain: