History Department Course Offerings Winter 2014-15
History Curriculum Map
History Benchmark Achievements Senior History
history at fettes history at fettes third form third form
History as commemoration
History 512:268 From Plantation to White House: Race, Nation, and
History 4: World History up to 1750 Instructor: James Seaman
HISTORY 306.01E Emergence of the Modern World Instructor: Office location: Office hours:
History 1040 HN - jan.ucc.nau.edu
History - rgs.org
History - Lauralton Hall
History (HIST)
Historical Tripos Part I Paper 21 Empires and World History from the
Historical enquiry - Sample scheme of work and lesson plan
HIST 3805 - Nipissing University
HIST 2701 - [email protected]
HIST 1801 History of Asia in the World to 1500 DRAFT SYLLABUS
HIST 1700 Ancient and Pre-Modern World History / 3 cr.
HIST 104 - University of South Carolina
HIST 102-01 World Civilization Since 1500 - Lewis