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Basic Internet Terms
Digital Design
• The first Internet prototype created in 1965
by the Department of Defense.
• A global network (Physical) that connects
computers all over the world.
• The Internet carries information in packets
World Wide Web
• A part of the Internet that allows users to
easily access Web pages through the use
of hypertext markup language (HTML).
Web Server
• A special type of computer that delivers
Web pages to a requesting browser.
• Rules for the Internet
TCP – Transmission Control Protocol
• Set of communication protocols
– Says that information must be sent in packets
nor more than 1500 characters
– Sent along different paths to your computer
Needs IP (Internet Protocol) – TCP/IP
IP – Internet Protocol
• A way of assigning each computer a
computer address
Needs TCP (Internet Protocol) – TCP/IP
• Information from one computer is broken
down and sent to another computer in
IP Address
• Each computer in the Internet is assigned
a unique identification. (a number)
• Packets are stamped with this address so
it knows where to go
• A unique address that identifies a web
Hypertext transfer protocol
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
• A protocol that manages the hypertext
links that are used to navigate the Web.
• HTTP ensures that Web browsers
correctly process and display the various
types of information contained in Web
Domain Name
• Unique address used for identifying a
computer, often a Web server, on the
Internet. (Part of the URL)
• A program used to display a web page on
your computer screen.
First Browser
Web Site and Web Page
• Web page is a single document on the
World Wide Web
• Web site is a group of Web pages.
Search Engines
• Web sites that use software to “crawl” or
“spider” their way through the Web and
automatically compile an index of Web
Web Hosting
• The process by which a Web site is
published, making it available for public
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
• A protocol used to transferring files across
the Internet.
• An FTP program is needed to upload files.
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