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NAME: __________Samantha Cohen_____________________
Byzantium Becomes the New Rome
What did Justinian accomplish during is reign?
Justinian sent his best general, Belisaurias to recover North Africa from
the invading Germanic tribes.
How did the plague affect Constantinople?
The plague destroyed a huge percentage of the Byzantine population,
people were dying each and everyday.
How did the Byzantines first try to prop up their shaky empire?
They created the Justinian code, which was considered useful for the
Byzantines Empire.
What factors led to the schism?
Irreconcilable differences between the two traditions in language, church,
authority, divorce, and priests right to marry, pope and patriarch
excommunicate each other.
What was the effect of the schism?
Christianity permanently divided between Roman Catholic Church in west
and orthodox church in east.
What factors enabled the city to survive foreign attacks for hundreds of years
before finally falling?
Walls, fleet, and location.