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GPS Geometry
Almost There Assessment
Unit 1 – Geometry Gallery
1. Find MO. [Note: Figure not drawn to scale]
2. Adjacent angles of a parallelogram are _________________.
3. Given rectangle ABCD. The perimeter of ABCD is 60cm, with L= x + 10 and W = 6
4. These two triangles are congruent by ____________.
5. The sides of a triangle are x, 10 and 12. What are the following possible values
for x?
6. óA is congruent to óC and AE is congruent to CE. Which postulate works?
7. What is the sum of the interior angles of a nonagon?
8. In XYZ , Y is 73 and Z is 30. What is the longest side of the triangle?
9. What is the measure of one angle in a regular 24-gon?
10. Use the information in the diagram to solve for x. Show your work.
11. Exactly one diagonal of a quadrilateral bisects the other diagonal. What kind of
quadrilateral(s) do we have?
12. In a certain regular polygon, the measure of an interior angle is 108o. What kind
of polygon is this?
13. Find the measure of ód.
14. Write the inverse of the following statement.
“If it is September, then it is football season.”
15. Theorem: If parallel lines are cut by a transversal then the alternate interior angles are
congruent. State the Contrapositive of the theorem.
16. Given: BA  CA , BD  CD
Prove: BAD  CAD
17. Given the diagram below, find the m óB.
18. Given the diagram below, find mF.
19. What is the converse of the following statement?
“If it is August, then I am in school.”
20. Draw a picture that represents the vertical angle theorem.