Download Geometry Quiz Ch 3 section 1 - 4 Name Block_____ Name a pair of

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Geometry Quiz Ch 3 section 1 - 4
Name _________________ Block_____
1. Name a pair of corresponding angles?
2. Below is a diagram of an airport runway intersection. There are two parallel runways, and a taxiway crosses both
runways. If ∠8 measures 115 what is the sum of ∠1 and ∠4?
3. What is the relationship between ∠6 and ∠9?
4. Given m∠1 = m∠2, what must be true?
5. Complete the statement. If a transversal intersects two parallel lines, then _____.
corresponding angles are supplementary
same-side interior angles are complementary
alternate interior angles are congruent
none of these
6. Find the value of x for p to be parallel to q. m∠1 = 3x and m∠6 = 120.
7. Angle 4 is congruent to angle 8. Choose the correct statement.
p is sometimes parallel to r.
p is always parallel to r.
p is never parallel to r
8. Decide whether a triangle could have angle measures 46, 12, and 122. Explain your reasoning.
9. Find the value of the variable. The diagram is NOT to scale.
∠SRT = 30
∠STU = 9x
10. Classify the triangle with sides of lengths 23, 23, and 21.
11. Find the value of the variable. The diagram is NOT to scale.
11) ________________________________