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Most people realise that:
High doses of radiation are very bad for us and
that it can cause damage to the cells in our
Exploding nuclear weapons just like the bomb
that was exploded over Hiroshima and Nagasaki
in 1945 produces intense radiation.
Radiation sickness can have immediate effects such as burns to the
skin and vomiting.
Radiation also has a long-term effect on people that can last for the
rest of their lifetime, for example, it can cause cells to become
cancerous in our bodies and even kill cells.
Beta sources can be used to
monitor the thickness in certain
People who regularly work with
radiation e.g. workers in a nuclear
power station, are required to
wear a badge which monitors their
exposure to radioactive levels.
Radioactive tracers can be used
to find leaks in pipes.
A similar technique using sodium24 and Iodine-131 can be used to
trace the flow of blood in the
human body.
Gamma rays can
be used to kill
cancer cells. A
brain tumour is
zapped from
many different
The use of gamma radiation can shrink
a brain tumour or any other type of
tumour over a period of months.
1st half-life
All living things have inside them the
naturally occurring radioactive version of
carbon i.e. carbon-14. When the living
organism dies the amount of carbon-14
decays with a half-life of 5730 years. By
measuring the levels of C-14 in dead
material it is possible to carbon date the
2nd Half-life
3rd Half-life