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Half-Life Worksheet
1) Define what is meant by half life.
2) What isotope is used to date organic material? What is the half-life?
3) What isotope is used to date rocks and minerals? What is the half-life?
4) The half-life of Tc-99m used in medical imaging is 6 hours. If a patient is injected
with 80mg Tc-99m, how much Tc-99m would be left in the body after 24 hours?
5) A piece of wood found in an ancient burial site contains only one fourth as much carbon-14
as a piece of wood cut from a living tree growing nearby. If the half-life for carbon-14 is
5730 years, what is the approximate age of the ancient wood?
6) The half-life of sodium-24 is 15 hours. After how many hours is the amount of
sodium-24 one-sixteenth of its original amount?
7) What is the half-life of iodine-131, if, after 24 days, 0.125g remains from a 1.00g
starting sample?
8) If the half-life of a radioactive material is 8 years, how many years would it take
for one-half of the original amount of material to decay?
9) How does length of half-life relate to the stability of an isotope?
10) What is the symbol for half-life?