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8. Identify two similarities and two differences between plant and animal cells.
9. How is a eukaryotic cell different from a prokaryotic cell?
10. The mitochondria and chloroplasts are organelles found in plant cell. How do these organelles work
together to provide energy for the plant?
11. What is the function of a transport protein?
12. What is diffusion?
13. What role does a cellular membrane play in passive transport?
14. Distinguish between hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic solutions, and give an example of how each
affects an animal cell.
15. Trace the path of a protein from the time it is produced by a ribosome on the ER until it reaches its
16. How does a cell use the energy produced by mitochondria?
17. In what way is energy changed by reactions in a chloroplast?
18. How is membrane structure important to the functions of mitochondria and chloroplasts?