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Plant and Animal Cells
Vocabulary and concepts you should know:
1. Cells:
 smallest units of living things
 all living things are made of these
 come from other cells
2. Organelles:
 parts or pieces inside a cell
 each have a job to do in cell
3. Please be able to explain the function or job of the following
Found in both animal and plant cells
 nucleus: is the “boss” of the cell; directs and controls what
happens in a cell
 cell membrane: a thin, flexible covering that is wrapped
around all cells
 cytoplasm: a thick jelly-like substance that fills the cell; the
organelles float around in it
 mitochondria: the “mighty mighty powerhouse” of the cell;
where the cell’s energy is made
 vacuole: “storage bin” of the cell; holds water, food, and
wastes of the cell (think vacuum)
Found only in plant cell
 cell wall: a stiff, outer layer around the cell membrane
 chloroplasts: use energy to make food for the plant
Be able to explain how plant and animal cells are similar (2 ways) and
different (2 ways.)