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French Imperialism in Africa
1. The struggle for land by European powers in the late 19th century was the 'Scramble
for __________'.
2. The _______________ Revolution gave Western countries advantages over Africa.
3. The three C's of colonialsim were civilizing mission, commerce, and _____________.
4. Jules Ferry offered the 'Right of ___________', an idea based on Darwinism to hold
the French over Africans.
5. The French claimed it was their "duty to ____________ inferior races".
British Imperialism in Africa
1. Britian had colonized places such as: Sierra Leone, the Gold Coast,
Nigeria, West Africa, and other places in _________.
2. One of the main causes for imperialism was the discovery of __________
in Africa.
3. After 20 years ____________ established a functioning government in
4. The British thought the native tribes to be _______ and thus ________ to
5. The British were highly offended by the tribal religions, describing it as
6. The name for the _______ colonists were the "Boers"
7. Britain's attempts to civilize tribes were mostly (Successful /
8. During the many conflicts in Africa, the (British / Natives) came out on
9. Britain's negotiations with tribes allowed them access for trade route and
luxury goods, causing their _______ to increase significantly.
10. Despite Britain's efforts to improve the lives of the Africans, the
(colonists / natives) benefitted more from British imperialism.
1.) _______________ is the policy of extending rule of an empire or nation over a
foreign country.
2.) Egypt and Northern Africa were regions part of the _____________ and
______________ Empires, which declined due to _________________ and lack of
3.) Economic causes of imperialism included the desire for natural ______________,
new _______________, new ______________, investment opportunities and an outlet
for the ______________.
4.) Political causes of imperialism included the need for a means to transport
____________, national security and national prestige.
5.) Social causes of imperialism included the duty to spread their European blessings,
_____________ faith and the ideas of Charles ___________.
6.) Several ________________ enabled the Europeans to imperialize in the Middle East,
including strong governments, medical knowledge and weapons.
7.) To implement their rule, the French sent their own officials to govern while the
British appointed local ___________ and ___________. They also converted the
___________ and forced them to work on plantations.
8.) Effects of imperialism in the Middle East included the ________ Canal,
improvements in ___________ and medical care and the construction of schools and
9.) This political cartoon shows ___________ as an octopus attempting to gain control
over many areas at once around the world. It represents Britain’s strong desire for
____________ and expansion of territory.
10.) The significance of imperialism in the Middle East is controversial because although
it brought benefits to the region, it led to _____________ against Britain and France and
the end of the Ottoman and Mughal Empires.
British Imperialism in India
Western European countries were interested in the _____________ __________ that
East India had to offer.
________________ rivaled Britain
_______________ ___________ was the commander that won the final battle at
Plassey in 1757.
Sepoys were _____________ ______________.
After the Sepoy rebellion, Britain set up a system of colonial rule called the
________________ __________.
Britain expanded India as far as ____________________________ and _________________.
_______________ was the isolation of women in separate quarters.
In 1885, nationalist leaders organized the
______________ ________________ _____________.
Muslims formed the ________________ ______________ in 1906.
Note Sheet on Belgium in the Congo
1. Write 2 Positives of the invasion:
2.The man who ruled Belgium at the time is __________________________.
1. After Belgium invaded, Congo’s population dropped by____________.
2. Many of the congolese people were killed by____________________________.
3. Based on what you just learned, do you think that Belgium invading the Congo
was beneficial or non-beneficial? Why or why not? Support your answer with 3
German Imperialism in Africa Notes
Otto Von Bismark and Jules Ferry arranged an international conference in Berlin in
_______ __________________.
The Germans formed protectorates in Togo, ________, Southwest Africa, and later
_________ _________________.
Some of the reasons the Germans imperialized was for natural resources from ________
and mining, social Darwinism, ___________ beliefs, _________ and ___________
advantages and _____________ interest.
___________ helped the Germans navigate through rivers easier.
The Germans tried to bring _________ and stability to the _________ people.
Indirect rule is cheaper than ________ rule because they do not need to pay
All old customs were __________.
Africans rebelled and ____________ and fought many wars with many different
The _________ Trek is a huge _________. Several ______________ of families joined
this journey.
Britain organized a colony just for freed slaves called the ________
In 1847 ________ became an ______________ republic and many freed slaves moved
French Imperialism in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia is also known as
Southeast Asia consists of
had already started to take areas in the Pacific Rim before the French.
The lands in Southeast Asia were perfect for
Powers who started to claim land in the Pacific Rim were the
Christian missionaries died in Vietnam.
Demanded the French military intervene.
III led the invasion in Southern Vietnam.
The French used
colonial management.
The British practiced
colonial management.
The French devoted
times the amount of land to farming.
between the British and French increased.
Agreement was made to try and lessen the tension between
the British and French. It also stated that the country
which in turn improved
, and
was independent.
improved under French rule,
Because so many new people came to Indo china many
German Imperialism in Africa Pd.6
-Belgian Prince ___________________ sent a delegate to establish trade with
natives in Congo.
-Germany sold cheap ______________ to Africa for a high price.
___________ and _________________ were abundant and easy to obtain in
-Imperialism boosted national __________ and _____________.
-Imperialism in Africa allowed Germany to ____________ their armed forces.
-_________ __________ and ____________ had already started imperializing in
-Germany wanted to spread ________________ into Africa.
-Germany used ___________________ rules to implement their imperialism in
-They had protectorates in Togo and ________________ in the west, German
Southwest Africa (today’s __________), and German East Africa (Today’s
Tanzania, _________, and Burundi) in the east of Africa.
-Germany used African ______________ to enforce their rule. ______________
____________, a Nama chief was an early German ally, but once the Germans
were done with his assistance they turned on him and took over Namibia.
-They also gained land by having African leaders and chiefs sign
______________ they did not understand.
-Political Concepts such as a _______________ and a ________________ were
-_________________ was also introduced, and a cause of many wars and
revolutions in Africa.
-Many _______________ in current day Africa are based on the industrial
markets from the Imperialism era.
-Imperialism has caused never-ending apartheid, internal ________, and halted
-Infrastructure was brought to Africa. Sewage systems, railroads, and _________
delivery systems were set up, changing the sanitation, travel, and communication
in Africa.
British Imperialism in South East Asia
What was the major economic cause of Imperialism in South East Asia?
State two political causes:
How did Europeans spread their culture to their new territories?
Social Darwinism______________________________________________________________
How are direct rule and indirect rule different?
State two advantages Europe had over South East India
Who is Mongkut?
What occurred between Burma and Britain?
How did Imperialism effect South East Asia? Britain?