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Year 10 Amazing Asia – Research Task
Assessment Task 2 – European Imperialism and Social Upheaval in China
By the year 1900 the Chinese Empire had been in existence for over 2000 years so the population was too
great and the civilisation too well established for imperial powers to rule directly.
However, by 1900 the Qing Dynasty, China’s last imperial dynasty (1644-1912), founded by the Manchus of
northern China had grown weak. ‘Western powers like Britain, France as well as Japan had gained great
influence through trade and the use of force during the nineteenth century, and the Manchu dynasty seemed
paralysed and unable to modernise and accept the changes that were happening, or react in a proper way to
the challenges’.
You are to produce a representation from the perspective of a young person living in Peking (Beijing) at the
time of the Boxer Rebellion. This would include references to incidents and events that took place in the
years leading up to, during and after the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.
You may work individually or in pairs.
Your representation may be in the form of  An interview - conduct an interview with a significant person at the time of the Boxer Rebellion
 A play – Maximum 3 characters. Could be a family discussion, dialogue between the Dowager
Empress, foreign powers and army.
 A monologue – Take on the persona of a significant person and deliver a speech about the Boxer
Rebellion referring to specific events.
 You are a journalist in Beijing in1900. Create a newspaper article for a newspaper reporting on
the Boxer Rebellion and referring to specific events.
 Work needs to be ready for presentation on Thursday 2nd April, lesson 2.
If you would like to present your work in any other format, discuss with me.
As part of your assessment, your work will be presented to the class during the final 2 lessons of the term.
You have 3 lessons to complete the research and your presentation. Research will need to be completed as
homework and class time will be used for developing your presentation. We have one lesson in the library
(Tuesday 31st lesson4); and two (Wednesday 25th lesson 2; Friday 27th lesson 4;) in the classroom so you
will need to come to that class with the information/reference material needed to complete your presentation.
 ‘Internal & External Problems’ and your notes
 The movie ‘55 Days at Peking’ and accompanying notes
 Your appendix timelines
 AmazingAsia Wikispace has links to 55 days at Peking and a number of other relevant links.
 Research using Google is very productive
Class Notes: