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The World of Construction
The evolution of construction p. 384
1. The three types of construction are:
Examples of each
________Residential______ ex: single family, apartments ect…
________commercial______ ex: Stores, offices ect….
______ ex: Bridges, tunnels, dams, ect…..
2. __stick construction__uses individual pieces of wood (ex. 2X4s) to construct a building.
3. List three types of materials used for building roads:
Concrete, asphalt, stone
4. List three other real world things that can be constructed:
Brides, monuments, roads (anything built on site)
5. __wood__ a renewable resource that is used to make lumber and other engineered products.
6.___steel___ a mixture of iron and carbon used as frame work for many buildings.
7.__concrete____ mixture of cement, sand, stones and water that is poured into forms.
8.___composite________ a combination of two or more materials.
9. _Building codes_________ rules regulating the type of structure that can be built
10. Conservative design__ designing a structure stronger than it needs to be.
House Construction p. 408
1. _foundation______the part of a structure that rests on the ground and supports the structure.
2. ___studs_____are the vertical wall supports.
3. __sheathing______ encloses the structure.
4. ___truss____ prefabricated triangular roof framework.
5. ____insulation____is placed in the walls and ceilings to keep the heat in the house.
6. List three types of utilities systems found in a home:
Electrical, water and sewage, heating and cooling
p. 426
List the three layers that make up a roadway:
___subgrade____, ______base______, _____surface layer______
What type of roadways applications would require concrete?
Highways, Airports (heavy duty)
What is asphalt?
Crude oil mixed with gravel used for driveways, parking lots and many roads.
What is an abutment? Support where the bridge meets the land
What is the span of a bridge? The distance between supports
Identify the following types of bridges:
Bridge long spans (made up of towers with wires supporting the road structure)
Bridge made up of members that are formed in to triangle sections.
Bridge that is supported on one end. (ex: draw bridge)
Bridge that is made up of a solid beam or girder. ( similar to a log across a river)
What is a tunnel and what are some techniques used to make them.
Used to go through mountains and under rivers. Built with large drills or explosives.
What is the purpose of a dam? Control flooding, reservoirs, power production
What are some negative impacts that dams have on the environment?
Flood natural ecosystems, displace people from homes