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Early Government 1776-1789
free and independent
Articles of Confederation
After the Revolutionary War was won, the new American nation had to create a formal
government. The first organized government of the United States was established in the
document called the _____________________________________________. The Articles
of Confederation would eventually fail for many reasons and would be replaced by the
________________________. For now we will discuss the Articles of Confederation. The
Articles of Confederation was a system where the ___________held the most power.
Unfortunately creating a league of _________________________________states would
establish that the states would have much greater power than the
_________________________ government. This would lead to many problems. The only thing
that was ____________about the Articles of Confederation was the development of
_____________________ for the admission of new states into the Union. That was about it!
Because the states had all the_________________, the Articles of Confederation was
unsuccessful at solving many problems. The main criticism of the Articles of Confederation was
that they ___________________to provide adequate powers for the central government. This
lack of a national executive and judiciary under the Articles of Confederation suggests the
founder’s ________________ a strong central government.
To address the ________________________of the Articles of Confederation,
delegates at the Constitutional Convention agreed to ___________________the powers of the
central government by creating a new government which would be written in the form of the
Constitution. At the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a major obstacle to drafting a new
Constitution was the disagreements between_____________ over representation in Congress.
At the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a bicameral legislature was proposed as the solution to
the disagreement over State ___________________ in the_________________ Government.
This bicameral legislature was a way to address the issue of __________________differences
among the states. The requirement to conduct a __________________was included in the
United States Constitution to determine the number of members from each state in the House
of _________________________________.
individual liberties
Southern States
There were many compromises made at the Constitutional Convention. The Great
Compromise resolved a conflict over ________________________ in Congress. The ThreeFifths Compromise was also a solution to the problem of how to determine the number of
representatives from each___________________. The Three-fifths Compromise reduced the
fear of loss of representation by __________________________with large populations. The
Three-fifths Compromise said that 5 slaves counted as 3 men towards the population.
Now that the new stronger Constitution replaced the weak Articles of Confederation, a Bill
of Rights was added to the Constitution to protect _____________________________against
abuse by the Federal Government. Protecting the people from _______________by the Federal
Government was the main purpose of adding the Bill of Rights. The ratification of the Bill of
Rights in 1791 illustrated a commitment to __________________________the individual
liberties of its people.
One similarity between the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights is that both
stress the importance of individual liberty and support the___________________ on
governmental power.
For a nation to be considered a democracy there must citizen _____________________
in government.
For a document to be a primary source, the _________________ must be there when the
story happened.