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Terms to know for history
Articles of confederation
James Madison
Popular sovereignty
Checks and balances
Northwest territory
Governeur Morris
John Locke
Robert Morris
Three-fifths compromise
Daniel Shays
Legislative branch
Articles of confederation
Bill of rights
Possible test questions (you will get 10 out of the 20)
Rights embodied in early state constitutions could be?
How did the first U.S. national government raise money?
The idea that all people have natural rights would be traced back to?
The depression after the Revolutionary War was caused by?
After the American Revolution, most states did what?
The Virginia Plan called for what?
Why did Farmers of the Constitution divide the government into three branches?
How did the Northwest Ordinance survey western lands?
What state initially refused to call a convention to consider ratifying the Constitution?
The Constitution drew on what Enlightenment ideals?
Under the earliest state constitutions, each state government was divided into what
Why did the Articles of Confederation set up a congress?
(fill in the blank)_________ legislatures are divided into two houses
As a result of the weakness of the Confederation government, what happened?
What caused Shay’s Rebellion?
What convinced George Washington to attend the Constitutional Convention in
The New Jersey Plan provided power to do what?
The sharing of power between federal and state governments is called?
Antifederalists opposed ratifying the Constitution because they did not want what?
Americans wanted Spain to grant them the right to what?