Download Reading Assignment 1 Due October 14 Based on the Railroad

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Reading Assignment 1
Due October 14
1. Based on the Railroad Strike and Pullman Strike Readings as well as class discussion, why were
strikes in the Gilded Age so violent? How did they help and/or hinder laborers’ rights in America
2. Based on the economy of its time, what were the advantages and disadvantages of a Crop Lien
and a Sharecroppers Contract?
3. What did the author mean by “there are bad Indians and there are also good ones” in An
Account of Sitting Bulls Death?
4. What was the message of A Populist Speaker Responds?
5. Describe what the author viewed of life in How the Other Half Lives. Who was the “other half?”
6. Compare and contrast the 1900 Hurricane in Galveston to Ike, Katrina or another hurricane you
7. What argument does Beveridge make for US imperialism?
8. Describe the WWI veterans experience returning home in “When Johnny Comes Marching
9. Concisely summarize Houston’s Labor Movement.