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Needs/Functions of
Internal Systems
Bring energy into the body
Photosynthesis in leaves, phloem in
vascular system carries sugar-rich
sap from leaves to where it’s needed
Digestive system (mouth,
esophagus, liver, pancreas,
stomach, small and large intestines,
rectum, anus
Bring water into the body
Roots, xylem in vascular system
Digestive system
Get needed gases from the air
Gas exchange at plant surface
Respiratory system (nostrils, nasal
passages, mouth, trachea, lungs,
bronchi, diaphragm)
Store and release energy when
Cellular respiration of sugar
Cellular respiration of sugar
Circulate nutrients/gases/water
and move wastes
Plant vascular system (phloem,
xylem) Most familiar plants (trees,
grasses, shrubs) have vascular
Circulatory system (blood, heart,
arteries, veins)
Dispose of waste products
Gas/liquid exchange at plant surface
Excretory system (cleans cellular
wastes from blood - kidneys,
bladder, urethra, sweat through
skin); and the bottom part of the
Digestive system (removes unused
food: large intestine, rectum, anus)