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Renaissance Vocab List
QUIZ DATE:______________________________
art form in which an artist etches a design on a metal plate with acid and then uses the plate to make
multiple prints
a city in the Tuscany region of northern Italy that was the center of the Italian Renaissance
a region that included parts of present day northern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands; was an
important industrial and financial center of northern Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance
an intellectual movement at the heart of the Renaissance that focused on education and the classics
patron a person who provides financial support for the arts
idealistic or visionary, usually used to describe a perfect society
artistic technique used to give paintings and drawings a three-dimensional effect
study of subjects such as grammar, rhetoric, poetry, and history that were taught in ancient Greece and
everyday language of ordinary people
Florentine humanist, poet, and scholar who assembled a library of Greek and Roman manuscripts to
encourage learning
painter; blended Christian and classical styles; famous works include The School of Athens and his
portrayals of the Madonna
Michelangelo artist; created sculpture of David and painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Albrecht Durer applied painting techniques to engraving; spread Renaissance ideas in northern Europe
Leonardo Da Vinci
artist, scientist, and inventor best known for the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper and sketches of
inventions such as flying machines
the leading English language poet and playwright of the Renaissance
Baldassare Castiglione wrote the Book of the Courtier describing the manners and qualities aristocratic men and
women should display
Johann Gutenberg
in 1455, printed a complete Bible on a printing press with movable type
Niccolo Machiavelli
wrote The Prince, describing how to rule in an age of ruthless power politics
an important religious scholar; called for the translation of the Bible into the vernacular
Thomas More wrote Utopia, which describes an ideal and peaceful society in which people live in peace, all are
educated, and crime is eliminated