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1. Tell me how diet can affect the muscular system
2. Give me one reason why we might not want to use performance enhancing drugs,
even though they could benefit our muscular system
3. What is muscle atrophy?
4. What are the benefits of rest?
5. Show me a stretch for your hamstrings
6. Show me extension at the ankles
7. Which muscle causes extension at the ankles?
8. What is the agonist when you extend at the knee? Quad
9. Tell me how to treat a muscle strain
10. What is a muscle strain?
11. Give me a short term effect of exercise on the muscular system. (inc. fuel/energy
demands/lactic acid/muscle fatigue)
12. Give me another short term effect
13. Show me an isometric muscle contraction
14. What is muscle hypertrophy?
15. Give me a long term effect of exercise on the muscular system (hypertrophy,
increased strength/size)
16. Give me another long term effect
17. Which muscle is the antagonist in extension at the elbow? Bicep
18. Apart from the muscles we have discussed, give me another example of an
atagonistic pair
19. What movement does this cause?
20. Show me an isotonic muscle contraction
21. Show me a stretch for your deltoids
22. Show me where your latissimus dorsi is
23. Why would a rugby player have a high level of protein in his diet?
24. Which is the main performance enhancing drug that affects our muscular system?
25. Tell me how these drugs help our muscular system