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The inaugural We Love Real Beer Craft Beer Festival is dedicated to microbrewers across South Africa
and beyond.
Organised by brewers for brewers, the festival will create a solid platform for craft brewers to showcase
and build awareness of their beers to new and loyal consumers alike. It will help bring microbrewers,
home brewers and aspiring brewers together, to talk, share insights and enjoy good beer. Ultimately, it
will serve as authentic inspiration to ignite further interest in this dynamic industry.
The festival will take place at the Old Biscuit Mill in conjunction with the award winning Neighbourgoods
Market, a site conducive to great food, music and beer. This unique and truly memorable experience
will seek to serve as the beginning of one of the best craft beer celebrations in the country.
Date: 23rd September, 2010
Location: The Old Biscuit Mill, Albert Road, Woodstock
Time: 4pm to 12am.
2m X 3m area - trestle table provided or…
If you would like to use your own bar, send a picture to [email protected]
Stall fees are R1000.00 (+Vat) for the evening – this fee covers space rental, entertainment and
stall branding.
Share 2m x 2m stand with another home brewer
Half stall fee of R200 per home brewer.
Home brewers will be allocated two entries each.
Brewers are required to set up their own stall, and provide all necessary equipment for cooling
beer or pouring draught.
Electricity will be provided (please bring extension cords)
Ice – HQ ice is available to purchase ice at 3:00 – 3:30pm, They will also be on-call for top ups
later in the evening.
Chalkboards printed with each brewer’s logo will be provided.
All other branding will need to be approved by the Organizers.
Send logos (PDF format) to Organizers by September 9th email to
[email protected]
No PVC printed posters/banners/flags/pop up signs will be allowed.
Retail Pricing:
A minimum sale price of R15 per 500ml will be set.
No off-sales is allowed after 5pm.
Cash Bar
Each stall holder will need to carry their own float.
There is an ATM machine at the Biscuit Mill or across the road at FNB.
Staffing is the responsibility of the stall holder.
Each brewery will be allowed three staff passes only. Further passes will only be issued on written
request and at the discretion of the Organizers.
WLRB will provide the consumer with a 500ml pint glass as part of the R30 entry fee. No glass no
service. The Organizers are purchasing 2500 glasses.
Additional glasses will be for sale to consumers at R15 each.
Plastic cups will be available in case glasses run out.
It is advised that each stall has a glass washer should the consumer want to clean their glass.
Tastings are not compulsory, but are encouraged at the discretion and expense of the brewery.
Small samples only of 30ml – 40ml, poured into the WLRB glass provided or in tasting cups that
the brewery will need to provide.
Ten stalls will be allocated to food suppliers providing a delicious range of gourmet steak rolls,
curries, burgers, hotdogs, pretzels etc.
South Easters / Home Brewers:
A stand will be allocated to the South Easters home brewing club to share their beers with other
aspiring home brewers.
Home brewers will also be invited to submit their finest homebrew examples into the WLRBeer
Home brewers Competition that will be judged by a panel of discerning celebrity beer
connoisseurs. The winner will be announced at the festival.
Samples for the competition will need to be dropped at & Union no later than September 15 th
with a description and contact details.
Live performances will run throughout the evening, well-appointed bands include:
o Swing Setters
o Josh Greerson
o Natasha Meister
o Playing with Fire
The festival, is and will be marketed through a number of channels including:
Social Media – Facebook pages, groups and associations, Twitter, WLRB Blog, Beer Drinkers
Union / Clubs.
Food/Beverage and Lifestyle Bloggers
2Oceansvibe broadband Radio
Print: Flyers distributed at the Neighbourgoods market every Saturday.
WLRB encourages that all participating breweries reach out to their customers and consumers
with the email flyer.
The goal of WLRB is to have attendance of 2000 festival go’ers in its first year (please ensure
sufficient stock.)
Responsible Drinking
The festival supports responsible drinking in moderation, if a consumer is intoxicated then they
should not be served.
Consumers will be required to present ID’s if asked.
It is essential that brewers have completed set up before 3:30pm on the day. Access to the site
will be granted from 11am for setup. Each participating brewery will be allocated a stand (floor
chart to follow)
Brewery Parking of trucks and product will be in the back secure courtyard. (please note height
Tear Down
Tear down should only start at 12am
Each brewer will need to clear their stall at the end of the evening and pack into the back
Removal of all stall material can either be done on the event night or the following morning
before 12 noon.
Note stalls not packed away and removed as stated above, will be fined R500.00
Please see Contract to Exhibit for further details.
Rikkis Taxi’s will be contacted to support the event.
Security will be provided by the Biscuit Mill and the Neighbourgoodsmarket.
Stall fees are to be paid to the Neighbourgoods Market. Email/Fax your application to
participate to the Neighbourgoods Market at [email protected]
Make payment to What If The World Agencies and an invoice will be sent to you. Bank Details
on the Application.