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One Act Play Festival
15 to 17 August 2017
A celebration of theatre for the youth by the youth as part of
The festival is open to all high schools across KZN
Closing date for entries: 25 July 2017
Be a part of this dramatic experience!
See for further details
One Act Play Festival part of Culture@KEARSNEY
15 to 17 August 2017
Each school will enter a one act play (might be derived from a full length play, short
story or an original script written by a pupil of the school)
Each school will be allowed one entry.
Pupils of the schools are expected to produce the one act play, with the assistance of a
member of staff, in an advisory capacity.
Each school is responsible for obtaining and securing the rights to the play (if applicable)
and ensure that the host school, Kearsney College is in possession of proof that the said
rights have been granted.
A play shall have a minimum of two speaking parts.
Length: not shorter than 20 minutes and not longer than 40 minutes. Please advise the
organisers of the approximate length of the play.
Three or four plays will be staged per night.
A theatre personality / expert in the field, will watch the plays and provide feedback on
each of the entries.
Entrants must provide a stage manager, and a lighting and sound operator to liaise with
the One Act Play Festival staff.
Kearsney College will not be responsible for the storage of set, costumes and props and
each school must ensure that said items are removed after the performance on the
night of the performance.
2 copies of the script must be provided by each school.
Entries, with technical riders, to be submitted by 7 August 2017.
Technical rehearsals will to be held on the relevant performance day.
Schools will be given 1 complimentary ticket per cast member. Additional tickets can be
purchased at R25 for adults and R15 for scholars and pensioners.