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Korean Studies (Ritsumeikan Center for Korean Studies)
Number 4 Call for Submission of Article Manuscripts
Korean Studies Editorial Committee
March 2012
The Ritsumeikan Center for Korean Studies is planning to publish Korean Studies No. 4 in 2012. Please complete the application in line
with the following guidelines.
Application Qualifications:
① Ritsumeikan University faculty (Including fixed-term and assistant professors)
② Outside personnel involved in research center projects (researchers sharing work, cooperating, or with
a record of otherwise participating in relevant research activities, as judged by editorial committee)
③ Ritsumeikan University full-time lecturers, contract lecturers, and part-time lecturers
④ Ritsumeikan University graduate students (Includes research students and postdocs)
⑤ Individuals other than those listed above, who have been asked to submit an article by the committee
of editors, or are submitting articles related to this research center’s main fields of study.
Publication Requirements: All articles except those requested by the committee of editors are subject to review. Furthermore, all other
submitters may be asked to revise the appearance and style of manuscripts when requested by the editorial committee. It will be noted at
the time of publication that the articles were reviewed.
Application Deadline: September 31, 2012 (Send applications to the committee along with completed Application and Consent Form for
Publication in Ritsumeikan University Academic Journals.
Manuscript Deadline: November 20, 2012.
Application Method: Submit either electronic file (MS Word or Text), or hard copy to address below.
Article Languages: Generally Japanese, Korean, or English.
Submission Length:
②Research Notes
③Book Review
20,000 character limit
10,000 character limit
4,000 character limit
5,000 word limit
3,000 word limit
1,000 word limit
① At the beginning of articles or research notes, please attach a summary in a language other than that of the main text, up to 400
characters (Japanese, Korean) or 150 words (English). We can introduce submitters to a professional translator who can translate
the summary (subject to a fee).
② Published articles will be converted to PDFs and also published on the Ritsumeikan Institutional Repository and Center for
Korean Studies website. If there are special circumstances that would prevent internet publication, please inform the committee.
③We will not pay for manuscript submissions.
Send submissions to:
① Postal Mail:
Korean Studies Editorial Committee, Toji-in Kitamachi 56-1 Kita-ku Kyoto 603-8577
② Email: [email protected] (Use Korean Studies as the subject line)
Ritsumeikan Center for Korean Studies
Toji-in Kitamachi 56-1, Kita-ku, Kyoto 603-8577
TEL+81-75-466-3264 /FAX+81- 75-466-3247
[email protected]