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BY: Tierra Thomas
Brianna Snow
Megan Godfrey
What’s happening
• In 1950, the Cold War
suddenly turned into a “Hot
War” when North Korea and
South Korea entered in a direct
fighting battle.
• This war was a result of a
political division of The North
Korean communists and South
Korean anticommunists. The
“Korean War” was the first
significant armed battle of the
Cold War
This war was also known as
“The Forgotten War”, “Century’s
Nastiest War”, “Sour War”, and
the “Coldest Winter”.
Picking sides..
Since North Korea was
following under
communism when it
came time for war the
Soviet Union, and
China were there to
help them in the war
since they shared the
same type of
But for South Korea
they were anticommunists, so United
States was on their
side, giving aid to help
stop the spread of
More detail..
Towards the end of WWII Japan
ruled the Korean Peninsula, in 1945
Japan surrendered so American
Administrators divided the
peninsula along the 38th parallel.
United States troops looked after
the southern part and the Soviet
troops looked after the Northern
But with failure of the division
between the two sides, the North
established a communist
government, while the South
created an anti-communist
On June 25, 1950 the Communist
North Korea invaded across the
border into South Korea with the
intentions of reunifying the country
through force.
Korea received help..
• The United States and then
Red China intervened by
sending hundreds of
thousands of their own troops
into the battle to help prevent
the defeat within their Korean
There were 6.8 million
American men and women
served during The Korean
54,200 deaths total to
Americans in service, and of
those 33,700 were actual
battle deaths.
There were over 4,000 men
who went MIA (missing in
Outcome of the war..
• The result of the
Korean War
was An
Armistice was
signed on July
27, 1953 saying
that all fighting
would stop.
• Some view this
war a loss for
the UN and the
United States,
while others did
Korean War Veterans Memorial
• Located in
Washington D.C’s
West Potomac
Park. It was
authorized by the
U.S. Congress on
October 28, 1986.
Inscriptions list the
numbers killed,
wounded, missing
in action, and held
as prisoners of
North & South Korea today..
• For almost 20 years
after the Korean
War, relations
between North and
South Korea were
minimal and very
strained. Contact
between both
countries didn’t
officially occur until
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