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AP European History
Unit 1 Assignment – The Age of Exploration
With Portugal and Spain taking the lead, in the 15 th century Europeans began launching voyages of exploration and
conquest motivated both by the search for a direct route to the luxury goods of Asia and the desire to spread the Christian
faith. With a few centuries Europeans would take control of much of the world, with profound political, economic, and
cultural consequences.
Unit Readings
Western Civilization – Chapter 14
Unit Objectives
Upon completion of this unit, students should be able to ...
 Identify the motives behind the European voyages of exploration
 Explain how advances in learning and technology influenced fifteenth- and sixteenth-century
European exploration and trade
 Identify the specific achievements of the most significant Portuguese and Spanish explorers
 Discuss the impact of “discovery” on the indigenous populations of the Americas, Africa, and
 Explain the economic and cultural impact of the Age of Exploration
Reading Quizzes
Reading Quiz 1 – pp. 410-421
[through Administration of the
Spanish Empire]
1. “God, glory, and gold”
2. Marco Polo
3. Portolani
4. Ptolemy’s Geography
5. Prince Henry the Navigator
6. Bartholomeu Dias
7. Vasco da Gama
8. Christopher Columbus
9. Ferdinand Magellan
10. Treaty of Tordesillas
11. Conquistadors
12. The Maya
13. The Aztecs & Moctezuma
14. Hernán Cortés
15. The Inca & Atahualpa
16. Francisco Pizarro
17. Encomienda system
18. Bartolomé de Las Casas
19. Viceroys
Reading Quiz 2 – pp. 421-433
20. Dutch East India Company
21. Triangular Trade
22. The Middle Passage
23. The Mughal Empire
24. (British) East India Company
Reading Quiz 3 – pp. 433-442
25. Mestizos and Mulattoes
26. The Jesuits
27. The Columbian Exchange
28. Mercator Projection
29. Price Revolution
30. Joint-Stock Company
31. House of Fugger
32. Amsterdam Exchange
33. Mercantilism