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Age of Exploration (3.1)
• Describe Europeans’
motivations for
exploring the East and
the Americas
• Analyzing how advances
in sailing technology
enabled Europeans to
explore other parts of
the world
When did it happen?
• Age of Exploration
took place during
the 1400’s-1600’s
• What else is
happening in
How Did It Happen?
New Sailing
•Caravel (faster, more
maneuverable ship)
•Lateen (triangular)
•Magnetic Compass
What was it?
• A search for
new land
• Motivated by
God, Gold and
God, Gold and Glory?
• God- people thought that it was their duty to
god to expand and find new lands, spread of
• Gold- wanted the riches that went with
exploring (spices, new land, etc.)- not just
• Glory-wanted recognition for themselves and
their country
Why Explore?
• Wanted the God, Gold
and Glory
• Europe depended on
spices from Asia-safest
route would be by sea
• Profitable trade with
• Renaissance thinkers
expanded people’s ideas
on exploring
What Countries Were Involved?
Topic 10/22: Impact of Exploration
• Objective: Describing and
summarizing the impact
European exploration had
on the Old and New
• Essential Question: How
did exploration have a
large impact on
Europeans, Native
Americans and Africans?
How Did Exploration Impact the New
• Cultural diffusion- new ideas and products
brought to the New World (Americas)
• Disease (smallpox, influenza typhus, cholera)
• Slavery
– Early use of Native American labor on farms and in
– Later… African slaves brought via Middle Passage of
triangular trade
• Economies based on cash crop agriculture (sugar,
tobacco, cotton, indigo)
Plantation Economy:
How Can We Describe It?
How Was Biological Warfare Waged
Against Natives?
• Germ-infested blankets as
• Natives had low immunity
to new bacteria and viruses
• Disease is most deadly
weapon in genocide against
Native Americans.
Smallpox Infection
Triangular Trade: How can we describe
it in our own words?
Who benefits the most?
Life During the Middle Passage: What
do slave ship plans reveal about
treatment of Africans?
10/26 Topic: Atlantic Slave Trade
• Historians often say
that we can explain
actions taken in the
past but we shouldn’t
necessarily excuse
them. What does this
mean? Can you explain
the picture to the right
without excusing it?
How did it impact the Old World
(Europe, Africa and Asia)?
• Disease (syphilis)
• Wealth and riches
• Gold
• Silver
• Exotic products (cocoa, Quinine, tobacco)
• Growth of national rivalries
• International wars for colonies and influence
• Non-cooperation with economy
• Expansion of international trade economy between
mother countries and colonies
• Centered around cash crops