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1. Describe how the woman’s suffrage movement responded to the congressional debates
over the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments?
2. In 1871, how did Victoria Claflin Woodhull present the case for the New Departure?
3. Describe the Supreme Court’s decision in Minor v. Happersett
4. Describe how many freedwomen responded to the defeat of the Confederacy.
5. What was the relationship of black women to the new all-black universities established
after the Civil War?
6. Explain why office work become the fastest-growing sector of the female labor force by
7. How did the Knights of Labor and the American Federation of Labor (AFL) treat
working women in the late 1800s?
8. Describe the expected role for women in the growing number of wealthy American
families after the Civil War.
9. Describe how elite white women affected by Reconstruction?
10. What was the danger that African American men faced in the Reconstructed South for the
slightest suspicion of disrespect to a white woman?
11. Write Ida B. Wells into U.S. history.
12. What was Harriot Stanton Blatch encouraging women to do when she advocated
“voluntary motherhood”?
13. What did the term “New Woman” mean in terms of women’s work?
14. How did the Dawes Severalty Act affect Native women?
15. What was a difference between farm women’s experiences in the West from that of their
life in the East?
16. What was the distinctive reason that young women immigrants had for moving to the
United States in the late nineteenth century?
17. Explain why immigrants sent their teenage daughter into the workforce and what was the
18. Write Emma Goldman into U.S. history.
19. How did the lives of Hispanic women differ from those of white women living in the
West in the late 1800s?
20. Describe the obstacles immigrant women faced on their journey to the United States?
21. Why was legislation passed in 1875 to discourage the immigration of Chinese women?
22. What role did women play during the Pullman strike of 1894?
23. Write Florence Kelley into U.S. history.
24. What was a result of the practice among immigrants of sending teenage daughters into
the American labor force?
25. How did clerical work change as more women moved into the occupation?
26. Describe the goals of the Women’s Trade Union League (WTUL)?
27. What was a central principle of “Maternalism,” a term coined by recent historians to refer
to the Progressive-era justification for women’s programs?
28. Describe the Supreme Court’s decision in Muller v. Oregon (1908).
29. How did a new generation of suffrage leaders try to bring the suffrage movement into
conformity with the realities of urban, industrial, modern America in the early 1900s?
30. Why did female progressives fail to end child labor?
31. Write Ida B. Wells-Barnett into U.S. history.
32. What did the disparity in average working men’s and women’s wages reflect in 1900?
33. Describe the idea of public housekeeping and how it impact the public sector.
34. Explain why the power of the maternalism was not successful in child protective labor
35. Explain why it too so long to win the vote for women.
36. In 1920, white women formed the League of Women Voters for what purpose?
37. Write Dorothea Lange’s photograph, “Migrant Mother,” into U.S. history.
38. How did the Depression affect jobs for African American women?
39. Describe women’s role during World War II.
40. How did some white women respond to the employment of African American women in
the defense industries?
41. Describe what the National Woman’s Party (NWP) focused on after the woman suffrage
amendment was ratified?
42. What did the organization Daughters of Bilitis defend?
43. What was Betty Friedan referring to when she wrote about “the problem that has no
name” in her best-selling book The Feminine Mystique?
44. What did the Supreme Court rule in the landmark Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of
Education of Topeka (1954)?
45. Describe one legacy of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women.
46. Describe the type of revolutionary change the women’s liberation movement sought.
47. Describe the changes in higher education for women as a result of the women’s liberation
48. Write Sandra O’Connor into U.S. history.
49. What is one idea you have for change in the future for young women.
50. Write yourself into U.S. history.