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the questions
What is a
Give me an
example of a
Name____________________________________ Date__________________________
What Is A Philosopher?
• _______________ = lover of ____________
• _________ = lover
• Soph = _________
• Soph = wisdom, More = _________
Philosophy is the study of general ____________concerning matters such as
____________, knowledge, _________, justice, beauty, validity, ______, and language
Logic and Reason
• 4th Century BC- used ________and ____________ to investigate the nature of the
____________, human society, and morality. Based of 2 assumptions:
o The universe (________, sky, and sea) is put together in a ________way and
is subject to absolute and ________________ ________
o People can ____________ these ____________ through logic and ________
What three things
did Athenians
What is the
Socratic Method?
Why was Socrates
put to death?
Who believed that
an ideal
government should
be controlled by
Ancient Greek Philosophers
• Three major philosophers ____________, ____________, and ____________lived in
Athens in the 400s and 300s BC laying the foundation for philosophy for years to
• They believed that individual ____________, _______, and ________ are of great
• 469 - 399 B.C
• Questioned ________________, even the closest held ________.
• Encouraged ________________ to ________
• Left ________ writings
• Developed “Socratic Method,” a series of ____________ and answer ____________
Socrates Fun Facts
• Socrates never wrote anything. All of his ________were written down by his
____________, ____________.
• Known as one of the ____________ men of all ________.
• It’s rumored that Plato had an affair with Socrates’ wife
• He was charged with lack of ____________and corruption of the city's youth. He was
found ________and sentenced to ________. He died in 399 BCE after drinking
hemlock ________.
• 428-348 BC
• ________- Student of ____________.
• Documented Socrates work
• Most famous dialog is the ________________
– Developed the idea of ________________ ________- In a perfectly governed
society the rulers were ____the wealthiest, but the _______whom he called
Philosopher Kings.
• Trained as a mathematician
Plato Fun Facts
• “Those things which are ____________ are also ____________.” - Plato
• VOLUNTARY EXILE. Plato left his native city immediately following the execution of
In Syracuse he was sold into ____________. Plato raised three thousand drachmas
through his friends to buy back his freedom. He returned to Athens in 387 B.C.
• THE ACADEMY. In 386 B.C. Plato purchased a recreation grove dedicated to the god
Academus. This became the location of his school.
• 384-322 BC
• Student of ____________
• Examined the nature of the world and human belief, thought, and knowledge.
• Politics: Believed that government’s ________are also ____________to the same
• ________theorist of ________________ (Plato hated democracy)
What does
Aristotle’s quote
He who trusts any man with supreme power gives it to a wild beast, for such his
appetite sometimes makes him;
____________________________________________, even the best of men, but
________ is ____________without desire. -Aristotle
Legacy of Ancient Greece and Rome
• Greece set lasting standards in ________________ and ________________
• Developed ________ ________________in order for their citizens to actively
participate in political decisions
• First to develop ________ branches of government
o ____________- pass laws
o ____________- carry out laws
o ____________- settle disputes about the laws
Athenian (Greek) vs. United States Democracy
2. __________________________________________________________________________________
3. __________________________________________________________________________________
4. __________________________________________________________________________________